Insects and the Environment: Benefits

Prey and Predators

It makes sense that insects are usually the prey in the food chain. After all, there aren’t many things that are smaller than them! But by being prey, they feed larger and larger animals until essentially they’re providing food for humans. In some cultures, eating insects isn’t something to bat an eye at. It’s pretty normal! But sometimes insects are predators instead of just prey. They eat other bad insects and the decayed leaves in our gardens.



Insects are beneficial to the environment for so many reasons. Besides providing food in the food chain, they pollinate plants and flowers. Without them, there would be a lot less greenery in the world.



Tons of bugs make their homes in the ground. When they burrow down in the soil, they provide aeration that helps bring water to our plants! The holes are tiny, but they serve a purpose.



Insects and bugs eat the organic waste that we create. When you throw old food in a landfill, a bug eats it. Their waste helps fertilize our soil so we can grow more food!

Protect Insects

Protect Insects

Now that we’ve talked about how beneficial insects are to the environment, let’s discuss how we can keep them safe. While not all bugs are good for your garden, consider an organic pesticide.

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